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JPF Grooming policy - as of 1.1.2024

At JFP it is our intention to offer a stress-free grooming experience for you and your pet.  
To do this please kindly read the following:

Please ensure that your dog has been given the opportunity to be relieved and walked prior to the grooming as this will ensure that they are not stressed or agitated and get the maximum enjoyment from their grooming experience.
JFP will not preform any grooming procedure that causes pain or a level of stress that JFP thinks is excessive. In some situations, this may including nail trimming.

Dogs’ Well-being

  1. You as the dog owner, will advise JFP of any medical concerns, physical issues, emotional issues, allergies, sensitivities, or pre-existing conditions, along with any treatment they are receiving prior to grooming taking place. Such conditions may include but are not restricted to, prior surgeries, hip/joint issues, warts, moles, ear infections, or skin problems.
  2. In the event that JFP discovers any conditions or problems, we will notify you when you pick up your dog. In urgent cases JFP will contact you when discovered. JFP cannot be held responsible for any conditions or problems discovered during grooming or associated treatments.
  3. It is your responsibility as an owner to make sure your pet is free from any parasites before entering the salon. If, however your pet is carrying fleas or other parasites then an appropriate tick or flea procedure will be advised.

Senior Dogs

  1. For some senior dogs the grooming experience can be a stressful event. At JFP we will try to make the experience as comfortable and stress free as possible. Only grooming work that your dog will tolerate will be carried out as JFP will not groom any dog if it causes them undue stress.
  2. All work you, as the owner, have requested will be attempted. However, if your dog dogs become unduly stressed JFP will groom your dog to ensure cleanliness and comfort only.


  1. We work hard to give your pet the calmest and most enjoyable experience possible. We are groomers because of our unwavering love of all animals. We want your pet to be happy and healthy. So, if your pet comes in with what we would consider matting, we will attempt to brush /de-matt to the extent that your pet is comfortable. De-matting fees are $25.00 to $75.00 additional. Keep in mind that de-matting isn’t usually comfortable for your pet, so sometimes we recommend a fresh start by taking the coat shorter but leaving the coat as long as possible. We will get your pet on the correct schedule for him/her to maintain the length you desire for the future. We are here to make pets & parents happy.

Barking Dog Policy 

  1. Although most dogs enjoy their grooming appts, not all dogs want to be away from home and can bark incessantly. If this is your pet, we offer early morning or later evening appts. This will ensure that your pet has the shortest stay possible.  

“No Show” & late arrival Policy

  1. We understand life happens and appts must be changed occasionally. If you “No Show” or do not text/call within 36 hours before your scheduled appt time, we will implement a ” pay ahead invoice” (1/2 the Grooming fee pre-paid) to hold your next scheduled appt. Please text 717-885-7638 or call/ leave a message at 717-292-4329 prompt #2, if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you are longer than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, it will be up to the groomers if they will have time to groom your pet that day. We absolutely do our best to be accommodating.