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a reptile paradise awaits

Welcome to Just For Pets, the haven for reptile enthusiasts and their scaly companions! Our store is committed to offering extensive products and services specifically tailored for your pet reptiles. Whether you’re a guardian to a graceful gecko, a bearded dragon, or a sleek snake, Just For Pets is your go-to resource for all your reptilian needs.

Venture into Our Comprehensive Range of Reptile Supplies
Just For Pets recognizes the importance of a proper habitat and diet for the health and longevity of your reptiles. That’s why we provide a diverse collection of reptile foods, including formulated pellets, live insects, and frozen rodents, suited to meet the nutritional requirements of various reptile species. Beyond nourishment, our product offerings extend to an array of terrariums, heating lamps, UVB lighting, and humidity control systems to replicate your pet’s natural environment.

Expert Guidance for Reptile Care
Our team comprises knowledgeable reptile aficionados eager to share their expertise with you. From habitat setup to shedding and nutrition advice, our staff is on hand to help you navigate the rewarding journey of reptile ownership.

Habitat Decor and Accessories for Your Reptile’s Enrichment
Creating an engaging and comfortable habitat is essential for the well-being of your reptiles. Just For Pets offers a variety of décor options, such as climbing branches, hides, and substrate choices that make your terrarium aesthetically pleasing and provide necessary enrichment for your pets.

Make Just For Pets your destination for all things reptile. We will help you create the ideal environment for your pet reptiles and give your cherished cold-blooded friends what they crave.

Live Feeders

We offer a wide variety of feeder bugs and fish including:

• Crickets
• Dubia Roaches
• Mealworms
• Superworms
• Wax Worms
• Hornworms
• Silkworms

and many more!

Live food for reptiles