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Doggy Day Camp

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doggy day camp

Welcome to JFP Doggy Day Camp

While the owners are away, the dogs will play!

Experience the ultimate care for your furry friend at JFP Doggy Day Camp, where we promise more than just supervision for your canine companion. Our state-of-the-art facility is a haven designed to cater to every aspect of your dog’s well-being while you’re occupied.

Elevate Your Dog’s Day: At JFP Doggy Day Camp, we infuse each day with the perfect balance of play and relaxation. Our program emphasizes invigorating exercise, enriching social interactions, and positive reinforcement training techniques. This tailored approach ensures that when you and your loyal companion reunite, you’ll be greeted by a dog that’s not only joyful but visibly thriving and calm.

Custom-Tailored Canine Bliss: Recognizing that each dog is unique, we meticulously customize our care to align with your dog’s individual preferences and requirements. We’re committed to maximizing their engagement, ensuring every moment spent with us contributes to their overall stimulation and satisfaction.

Choose JFP Doggy Day Camp for a transformative experience that will leave your dog exuding tranquility and contentment, ready to unwind with you after a fulfilling day.

Our daycare is an off-leash facility designed for social dogs to spend their days playing, making new friends, and having fun. Safety is our primary goal; therefore, daycare is not for every dog.

Prior to acceptance, all pet owners & pets must complete a daycare enrollment form along with a behavior assessment. A behavior assessment is required to ensure the safety of not only your dog(s) but others as well. We believe your dog has a more equitable chance of being successful with this approach. When your dog has passed their assessment, packages are available for purchase.

Other Requirements

Up-to-date on all core vaccinations, as well as Bordetella** (along with documentation)
Should be spayed or neutered (except for puppies under 9 months of age)
Up-to-date on flea/tick preventative, either oral or topical
Make sure to review our posted policies.

Monday – Friday 6:30am-5:45pm
Closed Weekends

Reserved spots must be requested 2 weeks in advance. Without reserving your spot, your preferred days may not be available. Please text or email to reserve your preferred days. Texts will only be checked during camp hours. If it is after hours, please email for a better chance of an earlier response. After 5:00 pm, texts will be answered early in the morning the following day. Remember camp is closed on weekends. 24-36 hour notice of cancellations is required. All campers are to be at Camp no later than 11:00 am. 

All Dog Day Campers must attend Camp no less than 1 day per week.
This is to maintain their comfort and confidence in their new “pack”.

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