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Fiona & Bean

Welcome to Just For Pets, the purr-fect haven for feline aficionados and cat parents! Our store is devoted to catering to the unique needs of your beloved cats, offering a wide range of products and services designed with your feline friends in mind. From the playful kittens to the serene seniors, Just For Pets is your one-stop shop for all things cat.

Explore Our Extensive Range of Cat Supplies
Understanding that proper nutrition, engaging toys, and comfortable living space are essential for your cat’s health and happiness, Just For Pets provides an exceptional selection of cat food, including high-quality dry and wet food and special diets for all life stages. Beyond nutrition, delve into our assortment of cat trees, bedding, and carriers crafted to give your feline the ultimate comfort and security at home or on the move.

Dedicated Expertise for Your Cat’s Needs
Our team of cat lovers is equipped with the knowledge and passion to assist you in making informed decisions about your cat’s care. From guidance on the best dietary options to advice on behavior and health, our staff is ready to support you in ensuring your cat’s well-being.

Toys and Accessories for Your Cat’s Playtime
We believe mental and physical stimulation is vital for keeping your cat active and engaged. That’s why Just For Pets offers a captivating variety of toys that satisfy your cat’s instinctual desires to hunt, pounce, and play. Discover everything from laser pointers & play toys to interactive feeders that entertain and stimulate your cat’s senses. 

Make Just For Pets your destination for all your cat-related needs. We have everything you need to ensure your cat leads a joyful, healthy life. Let us help you provide the best for your cherished pets.

Full Service Grooming for Cats

Pamper your purring pals at Just For Pets, the ultimate spa retreat for your whiskered companions! Our cat grooming service is no ordinary primp-and-preen; it’s a whisker-twitching journey to kitty nirvana. Imagine your fluffy BFF, basking in the lap of luxury as our expert groomers work their magic, transforming them from couch lions to sleek and stylish panthers. Come down to Just For Pets and let the transformation begin—your cat will forever be in your debt!