Reptiles & Fish

We’ve expanded our offerings to include reptiles & fish!

Fish can make great pets and so can reptiles. As a part of a recent expansion to our store, we’re now offering a significantly larger selection of fish, and also reptiles, foods and supplies.

We’ve got you covered on foods, housing, and other accessories for you pet fish and reptiles.

• Aquariums
• Floliage
• Live foods
• Fish foods
Your lizards, geckos, frogs, snakes, fish, and other pets have never felt more at home!

Live Feeders

We offer a wide variety of feeder bugs and fish including:

• Crickets
• Dubia Roaches
• Mealworms
• Superworms
• Wax Worms
• Hornworms
• Silkworms
• Mice & Rats


We have a wide variety of all the tropical fish, snails, and shrimp you could ever need.

Give us a call at (717) 292-4329 to check availability or ask any questions!

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