JFP Doggy DayCamp FAQ

What is Doggy DayCamp? JFP Doggy DayCamp facility provides a safe, fun happy & healthy environment for your dog while you are away. We focus on exercise, socialization, and training so when you are reunited with your pooch at the end of the day you’ll enjoy a happier, healthier and more relaxed dog. We customize each day to your dogs induvial needs to assure they get the most stimulation out of their day.

What do dogs do at Doggy DayCamp? We personalize each day with healthy enrichment activities. We offer both indoor and outdoor facilities. Dogs are social beings which means they benefit from positive interactions with other dogs. Our goal is the provide the best mental and physical stimulation so your dog can live the longest life possible.

How do I apply for Doggy DayCamp? Just shoot us an email @JFPDoggyCamp@justforpetsyorkpa.com and we can send you our DDC application which we will need along with a copy of your pups updated vaccination records.

How old must my dog be to attend Doggy DayCamp? We require our pups to be at least 4 months of age.

Must my dog be spayed or neutered? We cannot accept intact males who attempt to mount or otherwise pester other dogs. Like wise, we cannot accept females in heat or showing any signs that they will soon come into heat. All dogs who attend daycare must be spayed or neutered by the age of 9 months in order to participate in socialized play.

Do you have indoor/outdoor facilities? Yes! our indoor play areas are equipped with both heating and air-conditioning. Outdoor play is a must (weather permitting) to make sure all pups receive fresh air and sunshine. Our outdoor space is double gated and fully surrounded by an 8-foot fence, complete with AstroTurf.

Do you offer overnight boarding? Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate overnight boarding.

Do you offer weekends? Currently JFP DoggyCamp hours of operation are Monday-Friday 7AM to 6PM

What is a behavior assessment? A process where we can get to know your pup’s likes, dislikes and overall temperament to determine his or her sustainability for off-leash group play.

Do you offer tours? Yes! You may contact our direct line 717-483-1883 or email us at @JFPDoggyCamp@justforpetsyorkpa.com to schedule a tour.

How far ahead must I schedule my dog? We ask that you schedule your dog no later than the day before your desired camp day to ensure we are correctly staffed and within ratio.

What are your ratios? JFP DoggyCamp allows 10 dogs per staff member.

Will my dog ever be left unattended? No! Our dogs are supervised at all times.

How do I know my dog will be safe at DDC? JFP staff is trained on body language and playgroup management to assure your dog will only be involved in a positive reinforced environment. We used redirection methods to avoid conflict and overstimulation.

Will my dog(s) have a nap? JFP DDC does not have a required rest period. We offer timeouts and multiple play-freaks to help avoid physical injury, overstimulation and over exertion.

What should I bring to DDC? Please ensure your dog comes on a leash with a quick release collar. You are more than welcome to bring a harness as well. We’ll cover the rest!

Can my dog come for just one day? We require all dogs to attend DDC one day a week. Most dogs attend at least one to two days a week because we know consistency correlates with safety. A regular schedule helps your dog develop a routine which makes them feel more comfortable confident and safe. We offer single days along with packages to make it more convenient for those that frequently attend daycamp.

What if I have to cancel my dogs scheduled day at camp? We understand things might happen and plans change. Give us a call/text at 717-483-1883 ASAP to reschedule.